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Our strategy

We are laying out a new strategy that will help us transform from an Oil and Gas Services company to an Integrated Energy Production, Development and Services company, focused on delivering agile, efficient and sustainable solutions for customers. Our aim is to be a catalyst for meeting the changing energy needs of our world, by increasing our focus on people, technology and sustainability of resources.

We are transforming our company to be part of the solutions that will help all our stakeholders to get affordable and reliable energy, while reducing environmental impacts.

We’ve been proudly following the Nobel Brothers heritage – which underpins focus on people, their safety and well-being – the driving force behind all our accomplishments. Through this transformation we will put even greater focus on our people to make this significant change another success story.

To better reflect the transformation and our refreshed values, our name has also changed – we are now Nobel Energy. We have years of experience and the right ingredients to achieve our key goals: visionary approach, the best expertise, integrated solutions.

Key areas of activity

The new strategy is built around three key areas of activity that support our enhanced approach to sustainability

Add sustainable energy line

Add sustainable energy line

Clean energy solutions – grow renewables business to help our customers and the world achieve safe, efficient and sustainable energy results.


Become diversified

Become diversified

Diversification and scaling up – diversify services and products in targeted markets and expand Nobel Energy’s business horizons to scale revenues.

Keep innovating

Keep innovating

Innovation and agility – leverage the benefits of advanced technology and agile ways of working to invest in rational, risk-balanced initiatives, valued by all stakeholders.

Key enablers

We have two key enablers that will support our transformation:

Integrated systems - across our diverse business units, we will be pulling together all Nobel Energy’s resources and expertise to deliver overarching and agile solutions for customers. 

Strategic partnerships – we will partner with tech giants who can help us drive progress, provide skills we may not have to deliver agile and sustainable results.